About us

"An artwork comes from a precious thread"

Knitting is a therapy for the mind, the expression of one's creativity.

A simple gesture that contains our history.

We believe in the inspiration that every skein is able to give us.

We choose the best yarns from spinning mills that do not use Mulesing, we believe it is a duty not to encourage this cruel and useless practice.

All the yarns you will find in our shop are therefore exempt from Mulesing.

We believe in respect for work, our yarns are not produced by underpaid and exploited labor, they are yarns free of chemical treatments and are certified according to the best ecological textile standards.

We are sure that you choose carefully in every aspect, a yarn is necessary for the creation of your art.

Our love for our work drives us to avoid poor quality yarns that would negatively affect the success of your project.